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Graduated with a degree in International English, 8 years of sales experience in the electronic cable and wire harness industry, familiar with products and understanding of customer needs.

Ethernet cables

Cat3 vs Cat5 vs Cat6 vs Cat7: Which one is most suitable?

Ethernet cables are essential components in modern data communications, providing the foundation for seamless connectivity between devices. Different types of Ethernet cables are available to cater to various networking needs, ranging from low-speed residential internet to high-speed enterprise-class networks. In this article, we will delve into the details of the most prevalent types of Ethernet […]

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New Energy Vehicle Energy Storage Wiring Harness

Knowledge of Energy Storage Wire Harnesses

From the literal meaning, “energy storage” means “storing energy”, which refers to converting different forms of energy such as electrical energy, thermal energy, and mechanical energy into other forms of energy for storage and releasing them in the required energy form when needed. Energy storage harnesses typically consist of many batteries that are connected by

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RF Connectors

RF Connector Basics

With the fusion of sensors and RF coaxial connectors and the introduction of a new 5G RF connector for wireless connections, future 5G wireless equipment customized components will have lower costs and increased reliability to support global wireless connections. The RF connector naming model should generally use the international common main name model for locating,

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Currently the most popular connectors

Connector main test items and performance parameters

A connector, also known as a plug and socket, is an electronic engineering component that connects parts, usually referring to the electrical connector. This component enables the connection of two active devices for the transmission of current or signals. Connectors are mainly used in circuits and the connection between them. They are essential components in

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Industrial Ethernet communication shielded flexible bus cable network cable

Cable shielding types and their applications

Shielded cables are cables that are wrapped in a conductive layer. This layer is designed to shield the inner conductors from electromagnetic interference, or EMI. Shielding becomes increasingly important when cables are installed near high-voltage sources or sensitive electronic equipment. It aids in data retention while preventing EMI leakage. For shielding materials, please see: Introduction

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Wire Harness

What is a wire harness?

A wire harness is a collection of multiple wires, optical fibres, or other electrical connections that are organized and held together by tying, shielding, and protection for power and signal transmission. Common types of wire harnesses Common cable assemblies include automotive, trailer, medical, appliance, robotic and industrial machinery wiring harnesses, see below: The manufacturing process

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Car wire harness

Automotive wiring harness assembly precautions

Before the automotive wiring harness assembly, we must thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams, understand the body electrical installation location and the specific structure of the body, and figure out the control mode of each division of labour to correctly connect the wires. Below I talk about automotive wiring harness assembly

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