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Cable Assemblies and Harnesses for Multiple Applications

Wire harnesses or cable assemblies deliver the power and signalling system for intended applications in multiple industries. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are going to offer you exactly what you need, regardless of whether the work that is being done goes back to aerospace manufacturing or if it focuses primarily on automotive manufacturing.

Custom Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies Industries

At Romtronic, we collaborate closely with our clients to address their own distinctive needs. Offering design support that will fulfil your satisfaction, OEM companies in many different industries realize we are the perfect fit for their custom wire harness or cable assembly.

Applications Served by Cable Assemblies in the Industry

Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies

1, Industrial Automation Cable Assemblies: Cable assemblies – are used in automated manufacturing systems and robotics. It is used to transmit power and control signals as well as data between sensors, actuators, and controllers for efficient operation in an application.

2, Medical Devices Cable Assemblies: Cable assemblies are an important part of medical devices including pacemakers and defibrillators, infusion pumps, diagnostic equipment etc. They are used to convey the required power, data and signals for proper working as well as patient safety.

3, Consumer Electronics Cable Assemblies: Cable assemblies are employed in an array of consumer electronics apparatus such as mobile phones, laptops, game consoles and home entertainment systems. They give the connections for charging, data transmission and audio/video sync.

4, Data Communications Cable Assemblies: Cable assemblies are used to connect computer networks, servers, switches and routers (other than custom), and telecommunications equipment which includes fibre optics for data communications. This ensures that communication is smooth and uninterrupted, moving the data at high speed.

5, Aerospace and Defense Cable Assemblies: In the aerospace and defence industry, cable assemblies are essential in connecting an extensive array of equipment, avionics systems as well as military communications systems. They maintain the reliable transmission of power and signals under severe conditions.

6, Renewable Energy Cable Assemblies: Used in solar panels and wind turbines to transfer the power that comes from solar energy or winds into grid systems or storage equipment. They provide for optimal, secure power transmission in the case of renewable energy structures.

Industries in which Wire Harnesses are Commonly Used

Wire Harness
Wire Harness

1, Car Wire Harness: Wiring harnesses are vital components of automobiles and hence save a lot in terms of valuable space within the car whether it be for automotive dashboard use or under hood/headlights/signalling. They are also useful for managing tangled wires. They are also crucial for detailing complicated wiring so that technicians can easily determine where the wires need to be ultimately placed.

2, Trailer Wire Harness: The wiring harness for trailers realizes the coordinated operation of the vehicle and trailer as a whole in terms of electrical systems, enhancing driving safety with more convenience.

3, Medical Wire Harness: Hospitals and clinics depend on wire harnesses to help them organize wiring in equipment internally and provide secure platforms between medical devices like emergency vehicles emergency vehicles diagnostic & imaging tools dental equipment etc.

4, Appliance wire harness: The above picture indicates an application for the appliance product which connects each home electronics like TV, washing machine, refrigerator and air spring unit in their style. It can not only prevent issues such as crossed wires and unclear circuits but also increase the safety and reliability of home appliances.

5, Electronics industry: Wiring harnesses are common in the manufacturing process of electronic products, such as TVs, computers and cell phones require wiring harnesses to connect different parts.

6, Industrial machinery industry: Apply to a variety of industrial equipment wiring harnesses to connect and control various types of electric or electronic devices used in the likes of machine tools and automated production lines.

7, Communications industry: Harnesses connect network equipment and optical fibre devices in communications gear.

8, Construction industry: Harnesses are used in buildings and on construction sites to assemble, and connect different electrical tools as well as lighting systems;

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