Custom BNC cable

Our BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) cables, designed for low-frequency applications, offer rapid connect and disconnect capabilities. Widely employed in transmitting signals for video, communication, and measurement equipment, BNC cables excel in both frequency performance and compact size.

Compatible with Various Connector Series

Our customized BNC cable assemblies are not limited to stand-alone use. They seamlessly integrate with numerous other connector series, including 10-32, banana, alligator, BNC, GR874, FME, mini-alligator, hook, MMCX, N, NMO mount, mini-banana, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, tip, UHF, or pigtail connectors, enhancing their versatility and applicability.

Custom BNC Cable
Custom BNC Cable

Our customised BNC cable assemblies

Advantages of our customized BNC cables

  • Experienced, 27 years professional cable assembly and wiring harness manufacturer
  • Customization capability, providing customized solutions according to customers’ needs.
  • Quality assurance, using advanced manufacturing processes and quality testing equipment.
  • Technological innovation, continuously improving product performance and quality.
  • Comprehensive customer service, including consulting, customized design, manufacturing and after-sales support.

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