Custom Cable Assemblies​

As a leading cable assembly manufacturer in China, we offer tailor-made product services to meet your cable assembly specifications.

Providing customised requirements

Cable Assembly Molding Processing

Are you in need of custom cable assemblies? We are a manufacturer and supplier based in China, offering services to customers who need customized cable assemblies. Whether you require small or large quantities, we can meet your customization needs, including semi-rigid, flexible, corrugated, hand-formed, and various other types of custom cable assemblies.

To fulfill our customers’ high-end OEM and DEM requirements, we continuously develop and refine our manufacturing processes to produce specialized cable assemblies for data, signal, and power transmission. With advanced automation equipment and an on-site laboratory, we can design and manufacture cable assemblies of specific specifications to meet your needs.

While our cable assemblies are customized, we incorporate standard technologies to cater to a wide range of requirements. We can create customized overmolded components for almost all standard I/O technologies, utilizing specific colors and even including logos to allow customers to create unique components that showcase their brand.

Our Advantages

1, Strong strength: 27 years of OEM/ODM production experience, customers include Philips, Siemens, Amphenol, Zeiss, Bosch, and other globally famous brands.

2, Complete certifications: UL, MFi, IPMS, ISO9001, ISO13485 (medical), IATF16949 (automotive) certified, etc.

3, Experienced team: Our experienced team of engineers can handle orders quickly, from concept to drawing to cable wiring to final mechanical assembly.

4, Competitive price: Customized cable assemblies with the best quality at the best price.

5, Quality Assurance: Attention to detail, 300% quality check, zero defect products.

6, Provide after-sales service: European localized after-sales service and technical support.

7, Fast delivery: 100% on-time delivery, delay penalty agreement.

8, Best service: 7/24 hours of online customer service to help you solve any problems or concerns in your order.

9, Accept small orders: Starting quantity 100pcs or total value more than $300.

Cable Design
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Our range of customised cables

We manufacture different types of cables that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Currently, we produce over 5000 cables for customers across various industries. These cables can be categorized according to their ports, such as DisplayPortLVDSUSBHDMIDVISATAIEEE 1394RCARS232, and VGA, among others.

There are five main types of USB ports: Type A, Type B, Type C, Mini USB and Micro USB.

USB can be used to connect devices such as laptops, smartphones, chargers, printers, and mobile power.

There are five main types of HDMI ports: Type A, B, C (MINI), D(MICRO) and E.

It has become one of the most commonly used interface types in consumer electronic devices, with almost all new digital TVs, laptops, tablets, and many other smart devices having HDMI interfaces.

There are three main types of DVI ports: DVI-A, DVI-I, and DVI-D.

DVI is used to connect a video output device (e.g., computer graphics card, TV box, etc.) to a video display device (e.g., monitor, TV, projector, etc.).

Application areas

Our customized cable assemblies are used in a wide range of industries: medical equipment, robotics, communications, military, aerospace, marine, construction and other large industrial equipment. We offer customized cable assemblies with a variety of properties, including high-temperature resistant cables, high-speed data transmission cables, and waterproof cables, to meet the specific requirements of customers in different industries. Whether transmitting signals or power, our products provide customers with stable and reliable performance.

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