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Custom DVI Cable

DVI cable shrouds in low pressure injection overmolding molding
DVI cable shrouds in low-pressure injection over-moulding moulding


DVI is a technology for high-speed transmission of digital signals, which is very popular among graphics card manufacturers. Most graphics cards currently include one or two DVI output ports.

We are a 27-year-old Chinese manufacturer of wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Customized DVI cables are one of our main strengths. We have established long-term relationships with many digital video project manufacturers.

Our customised DVI cable assemblies

Advantages of our customized DVI cables

  1. Customized high-end complex DVI cable assemblies are available.
  2. Small-batch production orders are accepted at affordable prices.
  3. Fast delivery, all processes ( soldering, over moulding, and performance testing)are completed in-house, usually within 10-15 business days.
  4. We have passed the audit report of  UL, CE, and USB4 TID certified and can offer a variety of connector configurations, cable types, and jacket material colour options to meet any special customs requirements.

You may want to know more about DVI cables

The DVI interface comes in a variety of sizes, with the common ones being DVI-A, DVI-I, and DVI-D.

DVI interface form​
DVI interface form​

DVI Connector Specification Sheet

DVI TypeSignal FormatsBandwidthMax Resolution
DVI-I Dual LinkDigital/Analog7.92 Gbit/s2560 x1600 (60Hz)
DVI-I Single linkDigital/Analog3.96 Gbit/s1920×1200 (60Hz)
DVI-D Dual LinkDigital7.92 Gbit/s2560 x 1600 (60Hz)
DVI-D Single LinkDigital3.96 Gbit/s1920×1200 (60Hz)
DVI-AAnalog1920x 1200( 60Hz)
NO.Measurement Parameters InstrumentTest set upSpec.
1Attenuation/Insertion LossNATransmission mode
(S21 or S12)
2Differential ImpedanceTDRTDR mode
200 ps Risetime
3Differential DelayTDRTDR or TDT mode
200 ps Risetime
5.05ns/m max
4Inter-Pair SkewTDRTDR or TDT mode
200 ps Risetime
0.4 Tpixel max
5Inter-Pair SkewTDRTDR or TDT mode
200 ps Risetime
0.25 T bit max
6Near-end CrosstalkTDRTDT mode
250 ps Risetime
4% max
7Far-end CrosstalkTDRTDT mode
250 ps Risetime
3% max
8Rise TimeTDRTDT mode 75ps(max) Risetime(20%,50%,80%)Tr = 0.35/BW max
  • Transmit analog and digital signals without conversion, faster.
  • It can be used in a wide range of devices and can handle HD video.
  • It is a high-definition interface, but cannot transmit audio signals.
  • The interface does not support hot-swapping.
  • The price is higher.

DVI is used to connect a video output device (e.g., computer graphics card, TV box, etc.) to a video display device (e.g., monitor, TV, projector, etc.).

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