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Custom OBD Cable

OBD Cable
OBD Cable

The OBD cable serves as the intermediate between the OBD scanner and the car’s onboard 16-pin port used to issue commands, carry out tests, retrieve error codes etc.

These unique OBD cables offer tailored solutions for customized requirements, such as selectable length and the ability to choose connectors that are compatible with various vehicle types.

We are a professional manufacturer of customized OBD cables the most commonly used for the auto industry that works with some famous automakers and automotive electronics manufacturers to be able to offer innovative solutions.

Our custom OBD cable styles

Advantages of our customized OBD cables

  • High-end complex OBD cable connectors can be customized.
  • Short lead-time: all flow steps (welding & over-moulding; seal direct attaching included) are made in-house with a general turn-around between 10 and 15 business working days portions.
  • IATF 16949 Certified – A wide range of connector positions and type options ensure that the cable conforms to most design requirements every time.
  • Small-volume production orders are accepted at affordable prices.

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