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Custom OBD Cable

OBD Cable
OBD Cable

An OBD cable serves as a vital link between an OBD scanner and a vehicle’s OBD port, facilitating communication and the retrieval of diagnostic information.

Custom OBD cables provide tailored solutions to specific needs, offering customization options such as length and interface shape, ensuring a perfect fit for each vehicle.

Our facility is a leading manufacturer of customized on-board diagnostic system cables, partnering with renowned automakers and automotive electronics manufacturers to provide innovative solutions.

Our custom OBD cable styles

Advantages of our customized OBD cables

  • High-end complex OBD cable connectors can be customized.
  • Fast delivery, all processes (e.g., welding, over-molding and Performance testing) are done in-house, typically within 10-15 working days.
  • We are IATF 16949 certified and offer a variety of connector configurations, cable types, and sheath material color options to meet any custom requirement.
  • Small-volume production orders are accepted at affordable prices.

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