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Custom RCA Cable

RCA cable connector is a kind of electrical connector, RCA terminals are commonly known as Lotus head and Plum head, They use the coaxial signal transmission method, the centre shaft is used for signal transmission, the outer ring is used for grounding, it is a kind of widely used terminals, usually used in audio, digital audio, analogue video with component transmission colour difference and so on.  

We have manufactured various cables in the past 27 years, including many custom RCA video cables. If your project requires a unique RCA cable assembly, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our customised RCA cable assemblies

Advantages of our customized RCA cables

1. Accept small batch production orders at affordable prices.
2. 100% qualification and delivery rate with delay penalty agreement.
3. Independent laboratory and a large number of automation equipment, can customize high-end complex cable assemblies with fast delivery.
4. Professional sales team and engineering team, provide 24/7 online service and technical support.
5. UL, CE, USB4 TID certified with a wide range of connection options, lengths and materials.

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You may want to know more about RCA cables

ColorUsageSignal Type
White or BlackLeft channelAnalog
RedRight channel, also common HDTVAnalog
GreenHDTV Components Y Luminance with sync-on-greenAnalog
BlueHDTV Components Cb/Pb ChromaAnalog
RedHDTV Components Cr/Pr ChromaAnalog
Orange or YellowAudio SPDIFDigital

RCA Cable Plugs Different Color Uses
RCA Cable Plugs Different Color Uses

With the development of technology, although some cable formats have indeed replaced RCA, many audio or video devices still use RCA cable connectors due to their uniqueness.

For example, RCA cables can be used for video surveillance and video signage, connecting desktop and laptop computers to home theatre systems, and connecting some televisions to DVD players, game consoles, camcorders, Blu-ray Disc players, and digital cameras.

RCA Cable Applications
RCA Cable Applications


  1. Universal Compatibility: One of the main advantages of RCA connectors is their universal compatibility. RCA cables are used to transmit audio and/or video signals for various devices, making it easy to find cables and adapters to connect different devices.
  2. Sturdy and Quick to Connect: RCA cables provide a strong connection that is not easily loosened, and they are easier to connect and disconnect quickly compared to threaded or even locking connectors.
  3. Lower Cost: Standard RCA audio cables of normal length can be purchased at a lower price. Alternatively, for a slightly higher cost, you can maintain the same length with higher-end options.
  4. Versatility: RCA cables can handle various audio and video signals, including composite and component video, as well as stereo or multi-channel audio. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of audio-visual applications.
  5. Analog Signal Transmission: Some RCA cables allow for the conversion of analogue signals to digital signals to improve quality and compatibility with modern devices. Analogue signals can provide natural, warm sound quality, especially for audio applications such as vinyl records.


  1. Analog Signal Limitations: RCA cables transmit analog signals, which are prone to interference and signal attenuation over longer distances. Therefore, they are not particularly suitable for transmitting high-resolution video or audio signals compared to digital connections like HDMI or optical cables.
  2. Single Channel: RCA connectors are not suitable for advanced surround sound systems as they only support mono audio or composite video signals.
  3. Incompatibility with Digital Signals: RCA cables are not compatible with digital signals and require the use of HDMI or optical cables instead.

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