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Custom Ribbon Cable

Ribbon cables are widely used in computers, industrial automation, medical equipment, and the automotive industry due to their flat and flexible nature. However, standard ribbon cables may not meet your unique application needs, which is when custom ribbon cables come into play.

Romtronics is a top manufacturer of customized flat ribbon cable assemblies. Our factory can create unique cable assemblies tailored to fit your project requirements. Contact us now for professional, custom solutions.

Custom Ribbon Cable
Custom Ribbon Cable

Our customized ribbon cable products

Our products include small 20-30 AWG IDC ribbon cables with D-Sub customized ribbon cables and more.

Advantages of our customized Ribbon cables

  1. Our custom ribbon cables are reliable and affordable, and all processes (such as soldering, over-molding, and performance testing) are done in-house.
  2. Short delivery times (2-3 weeks) are guaranteed due to our large inventory of connectors and raw materials.
  3. We offer customized services for ribbon cables in small quantities and with complex processes.

In addition to custom ribbon cable assemblies, we can also offer other types of cable manufacturing. Please visit our Custom Cable Assemblies and Custom Wire Harness navigation pages, which contain a variety of cable manufacturing options.