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Custom VGA Cable

The VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also known as the D-Sub interface, is an analogue video standard created by IBM in 1987 for the IBM PS/2 series of computers. VGA uses analogue signals and can only transmit video signals.

Over the past 27 years, our factory has produced a variety of customized VGA video cable assemblies for numerous customers. If you are looking for a professional and reliable cable assembly manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our customised VGA cable assemblies

Advantages of our customized VGA cables

  1. Small batch ordering flexibility: accept custom orders starting from 100 pieces or totalling more than $300.
  2. Fast delivery: orders are completed within 10-15 business days, and all processes are done in-house.
  3. High-end customization capabilities: complex and high-end VGA cable assemblies can be customized through automated production equipment.
  4. 100% compliance rate: 300% testing to ensure zero defects.
  5. Industry certifications: UL, CE, and USB4 TID certified, providing various connection configurations and material options.
  6. Professional service: 24/7 online service, processing inquiries within 12 hours, and providing custom drawings and sample services.

You may want to know more about VGA cables

The VGA connector is a 15-pin connector divided into three rows of five holes each and is the most widely used type of connector on graphics cards, and most graphics cards have this type of connector. It transmits red, green, and blue analog signals and sync signals (horizontal and vertical). The VGA pins correspond to the following interface definitions:

1REDRed Component Signal
2GREENGreen Component Signal
3BLUEBlue Component Signal
4N/CMonitor ID Bit 2 / Reserved
6GND RRed component ground
7GND GGreen Component Ground
8GND BBlue Component Ground
9KEY(N/C)+5V DC output from graphic card
11ID0/RES(N/C)Monitor ID Bit 0 / Reserved
12ID1/SDA(N/C) Monitor ID Bit 1 / I2C bi-directional data line
13H SYNCHorizontal Sync (Line Sync)
14Y SYNCVertical Sync (Field Sync)
15SCLSerial clock signal
VGA Cable Interface
VGA Cable Interface
  1. VGA connectors are cheap and easily available.
  2. It is the most widely used type of connector on graphics cards, and most graphics cards come with it.
  3. VGA displays output RGB tristimulus signals. The RGB colour model is an industry standard for colours. It is used to obtain a wide range of colours by varying the red (R), green (G) and blue (B) colour channels and superimposing them on each other, and is widely used today.
  1. The VGA connector is not hot-swappable.
  2. It can only transmit video signals, not audio signals.
  3. The connector transmits analogue signals and has a weak anti-interference capability.

Widely used in multimedia equipment, school projection equipment, computers, digital TVs, plasma TVs, LCD TVs, projectors, cameras, DV cameras, cable TV set-top boxes, and other equipment with VGA interface.

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