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Custom Appliance Wire Harness

Our customized appliance wiring harnesses
Our customized appliance wiring harnesses

The wiring harness of an appliance is a key link between the internal circuits in the device, it uses wires and plugs (or terminals) to connect multiple network modes for power supply, signals. The wiring harness for the appliance industry is often a bundle of wires (one each with different colours or marks) to differentiate their function and make it easier to connect/remove during production, assembly, and repair distribution.

Romtronic offers a 27-year-long tradition in appliance wire harness production boasting a worldwide reputation as a global market manufacturer of this particular industry specialization. Known for our technological innovations and affordable solutions.

Our appliance wiring harnesses are applied widely in a variety of appliances including TV products, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers., gas stoves washing machines air conditioning cabinet dryers dishwashers(Mobile Phone part )electric oven range hood induction cookers massage gun fitness equipment vacuum cleaner Steam mop skin management analyzer, etc.

Each CE-certified appliance wiring harness and cable assembly in our quality management system allows us to ensure your products are well-made. As a top-drawer UL-recognized wire harness manufacturer in the US and Canada, all of our cable assemblies or unit IDC ( Insulation displacement connectors) are built to comply with IPC/WHMA A-620 Workmanship standards and acceptance requirements for cable-wire wiring harness board assembly. We also offer RoHS-fitted products; we never compromise on quality!

We provide appliance customers with top-notch harness design and manufacturing services from single wires to modules to more complex assemblies.

Styles of appliance wiring harnesses made to order

The following products are some of the custom appliance wiring harnesses we manufacture: Please let us know if you’d like to view more images/images of our products.

Benefits of Our Custom Appliance Wiring Harnesses

Our Appliance wiring harness processing
Our Appliance wiring harness processing

By working with us, you can enjoy the following advantages:

1, Technical expertise: We have 27 years of industry experience in electrical wiring harnesses.

2, Customized solutions: We can provide customized wiring harness solutions according to the customer’s needs, ensuring a perfect match with the product.

3, Quality Assurance: We follow international production standards and regulations, and all our products are tested under strict quality control at various stages of production to ensure reliable performance and safe use.

4, Competitive price: We provide custom wiring harnesses with the best quality and the most competitive prices.

5, Fast delivery: We have substantial production capacity to ensure fast delivery of regular products nearly all the time.

6, Good partnership: Our company has long-term and stable partners in the home appliance field, able to provide good pre-sale service. Guarantee quality products at the most competitive price.

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Romtronic strives to provide the highest quality appliance wiring solutions for custom appliances within the Appliance industry into actions to help support your product innovation and competitive situation. If you have any questions about our products or services, please message us and we will do so.