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Custom Car Wire Harness

Custom Car Wire Harness
Custom Car Wire Harness

In cars, a wiring harness is an electrical assembly that facilitates the transfer of power and signals between components. It sends the right drive signals to make it run and takes in signals, then converts them into electrical currents that power your stereo radio dashboard lights, etc.

With the increasing demand for safer, more comfortable, responsible, and energy-efficient cars that are eco-friendly – wiring harnesses become even more complex. But the room provided for that harness in the car’s body is dwindling. For this reason, it is important to optimize the comprehensive performance of automobile wiring harness design. We also noted that the development of automotive wiring harness manufacturers is an inevitable trend, as they are collaborating with automotive host manufacturers to conduct pre-developing work.

Romtronic is a custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies manufacturer. One of the items with big production in our company is custom car wiring harnesses. Our team is professionals and has a lot of experience We collaborate with our customers to learn their needs and craft wiring harness solutions to fit in-line.

Our customized car wiring harnesses

Following are some of the custom car wiring harness products we make For more pictures of our products, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to share.

Types of car wiring harness

There are 11 types of automobile wiring harnesses: Engine 2 harness, Engine room wiring harness, Main wiring harness, Left front door harness, Body wiring harness, Left Rear Door Harness, Tail Light Harness, Interior Light Harness, Right Rear Door Harness, Right Front Door Harness and E.F.I. wiring harness. Since wiring harness circuit locations are signals, they differ in LHD and RHD in vehicles. See below the pictures of LHD and RHD to distinguish them exactly.

LHD and RHD vehicles have slightly different wiring harness circuit locations, please see the pictures below.

Car Wiring Harness Location Diagram (L.H.D Type)
Car Wiring Harness Location Diagram (R.H.D Type)

Advantages of our customized automotive wiring harnesses

Our automotive wire harness bundling process
Our automotive wire harness bundling process

1. With 27 years of experience and expertise in the field, we provide top-notch quality customized wiring harnesses at the most competitive prices.

2. We help many partners in the automotive industry and have long-standing and stable cooperative relationships.

3. Our solutions are fully customized and tailored to each unique problem or application.

4. We accept small quantities of orders. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces or the first order value is not less than $300.

5. We thoroughly evaluate the products in the aspect of 300% quality inspection to ensure that all the products are free of defects.

6. Our production capacity is strong, and our production plan is flexible, ensuring that 100% of products will be delivered on time; if delayed, an overdue agreement is signed.

7. All of our products meet international standards and we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, IATF16949, USB4 TID, UL, CE, MFi, and other international quality system certifications.

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We provide customized automotive wiring solutions, crafted according to your requirements at Romtronic. From the simplest to most complex needs, we can provide custom automotive wire harness assemblies designed for any application!

Call us now at (+86) 199-2816-5824 or email info@romtronic.com to discuss your requirements and get an immediate pricing quote within 48 hours. We offer our highly-quality, but yet budget-oriented solutions to customers in over 80 countries such as Germany, the UK, France of course also USA Italy, and Japan.