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Custom Medical Wire Harness

Custom Medical Wire Harness
Custom Medical Wire Harness


Medical Wiring Harness As the name implies, a Medical wiring harness is a type of wire harness used for medical devices because some medical equipment needs at least 30 wires to connect and transmit power, signal, or data. It typically involves several corrosion-resistant, photorealistic, and radiation-induced wires with corresponding elements to handle a given atmosphere in medical instruments.

Romtronic – Produces Wire Harnesses and Cable assemblies for OEMs in Industries Including Medical Devices Our advanced equipment and seasoned team, along with our stringent quality systems & procedures, ensure the medical wire harnesses & cable assemblies we produce are of world-class calibre and deliver the utmost dependability demanded in patient care/monitoring, laboratories settings as well as healthcare applications, etc.

Our Custom Medical Wiring Harness Requests Span a Multitude of High-Quality Products, Such As Test and Diagnostic equipment harnesses Patient Care & Monitoring Equipment Medical Sensor Imaging System Equipment Home Healthcare/Mobile Medical Laboratory Dental, Etc.

Romtronic is ISO 13485:2016 certified to maintain product quality for its medical wire harness and cable assemblies. Also, we are UL-listed/recognized wiring harness manufacturers in Canada and the US (IPC/WHMA A-620 which allows customers to use) ISO 9001 certified RoHS Compliant.

Our custom medical wiring harness styles

Below are some of the custom medical wiring harness products we manufacture. Should you wish to see more pictures of our merchandise please reach out.

Benefits of hiring us for custom medical harnesses

When you work with Romtronic, you’ll enjoy the benefits of customized medical harnesses and other types of wire harnesses.

Our solutions are personalized, and we custom design various harness products to the needs of customers. Whatever type of medical wire harness you require, we can customize and produce it to your specifications – then deliver a product that’s uniform in quality regularity.