Knowledge of Energy Storage Wire Harnesses

From the literal meaning, “energy storage” means “storing energy”, which refers to converting different forms of energy such as electrical energy, thermal energy, and mechanical energy into other forms of energy for storage and releasing them in the required energy form when needed.

Energy storage harnesses typically consist of many batteries that are connected by wires and connectors to form a harness. Energy storage harnesses are typically used in fields such as electric vehicles, aerospace, and military applications.

Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Energy Storage Harnesses

Designers need to consider various factors, such as power, voltage, current, temperature, and environment when creating an energy storage wiring harness to ensure its reliability and safety. They must conduct detailed electrical and mechanical analyses and use high-quality materials and processes for manufacturing.

Structure of the energy storage harness

The construction of an energy storage wiring harness includes batteries, connectors, wires, protection devices, and control circuits.

  • The battery is the most important part of the energy storage harness, and common batteries include lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and ultracapacitors.
  • Connectors are used to connect the batteries, and common connectors include plugs, sockets, plugboards, and connection blocks.
  • Cords are used to transmit electrical energy and are made of copper, aluminium, etc.
  • Protection devices are used to protect the battery from damage such as overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, etc.
  • Control circuits are used to monitor the state of the battery and control the charging and discharging process to ensure the long life and safety of the battery.

Benefits of using an energy storage harness

The use of energy storage wiring harnesses can greatly improve energy utilization, and reduce energy waste, and environmental pollution. For example, the use of energy storage harnesses in electric vehicles can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions and improve vehicle range and performance. The use of energy storage harnesses in aerospace and military applications can improve the reliability and safety of the system, and enhance the system’s combat effectiveness, and combat capability.

The composition of the hottest new energy vehicle energy storage wiring harnesses

New Energy Vehicle Energy Storage Wiring Harness
New Energy Vehicle Energy Storage Wiring Harness

The composition of the automotive energy storage power harness is made up of wires with varying specifications and performance. The primary specifications and performance requirements are as follows:

1, The cross-sectional area of the energy storage power harness should be selected according to the load and current of the electrical equipment

The general principle is that electrical equipment with long working hours can use 60% of the actual current, while electrical equipment with short working hours can use 60% to 100% of the actual current.

2, The color of the storage power harness is important for identifying the circuits in this car

With the increasing number of electrical devices, the number of wires has also grown. To aid in maintenance and identification, low-voltage wires in automotive circuits are typical of different colours. Vehicle wiring diagrams usually follow a colour code (indicated by one or two letters) and utilize different wire colours. When selecting between monochrome and colour-coded wires, there are two common selection principles: complementary and former colour lines.

3, Physical properties

  • The wire between the door and the door body shall be curved.
  • The wires used in the high-temperature-resistant part are generally vinyl chloride or polyethylene-coated wires with good insulation and heat resistance.
  • As for the shielding function, in recent years, electromagnetic wave shielding circuits using weak signal wires have become more and more common.

4, Bundling power harnesses

  • The use of half-fold packing, painting, and drying processes greatly improves the strength and insulation properties of the cables.
  • A new type of wire harness is placed inside the side-cut plastic bellows, partially wrapped in plastic, making it stronger, more protective, and easier to locate faulty circuits.


Energy storage wiring harnesses are increasingly important for efficient energy transfer in electric vehicles, aerospace, and military applications. Comprising batteries, connectors, wires, protection devices, and control circuits, these systems are essential for improving energy utilization, reducing waste, and ensuring safety in various industries. Contact us for quality solutions and advice.

If you have any questions or needs about energy storage wire harnesses, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help and advise you.