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Company Strategy

Romtronic’s strategic vision focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and product quality through international standards, employee empowerment, and continuous improvement.

Management Philosophy

International standards of providing high-quality and outstanding service to our customers.

Attention to detail in everything that we do.

Employees are our biggest asset.

The environment of empowerment and mutual respect creates high satisfaction among employees.

The comfortable living and working environment creates low turnover.

A lower turnover rate allows us to maintain a well-trained workforce.

A modern and open philosophy encourages personal development and allows employees to grow together with the company.

Mission Statement

Romtronic’s mission is to profitably provide cabling and electronic solutions to our customers, as well as a secure and gratifying work environment for our employees while maintaining world-class supplier status as defined by our customers about quality, delivery, capacity, technology, and cost.

Market Conditions

Increasingly competitive marketplace.

Strategic alliances & joint ventures are becoming increasingly prevalent among domestic cabling and electronic suppliers, as well as Asian manufacturers.

A need was identified to secure a high-quality, cost-effective source to ensure that a competitive position in the marketplace could be maintained.

Controlling Asian sourcing and a China factory was the best solution.

Market Strategy

It is our goal to find reliable and aggressive cabling and electronic distributors that service OEMs and resellers throughout the world to market our high-quality cable assemblies, wire harnesses, as well as other relevant computer peripheral products and services. The objective is to help our customers be as competitive as they need to be in this global marketplace and to grow to become even stronger forces in the industry. As is the case with our existing strategic relationship, we will pursue growing our business with an exclusive list of partners worldwide.

We will “let the world know about us” by attending several major global industry trade shows, including CES in Las Vegas, the Hong Kong Expo, the Shanghai Expo, and the Guangzhou Expo. We will also publicize our capabilities online and in print through AsiaSource. Instead of expanding our sales force and pursuing business opportunities directly with OEM customers, we will rely on the efforts of our partners to bring us new business opportunities.

Quality Assurance

Our management and workforce are committed to the highest quality products and services. This constant commitment has been recognized through approval with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, UL, MFi, and CE certifications.

We are in the business of adding value to the products you buy. For more than 20 years, our staff of engineers, salespeople, purchasers, and experienced workers has provided OEM engineers with affordable solutions that are custom-manufactured for their needs.

We utilize rigorous Quality Assurance standards to assure our customers of the highest level of quality. We also can be your Just-In-Time supplier. This can help keep your production line flying along and provide better cash flow management by eliminating the need to maintain inventory.

Since every manufacturer has different needs and different problems to overcome, we are committed to providing exceptional services to every customer. We will work with you to provide the best solution for your needs.