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Our Process & Services

We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and professional knowledge to provide services to our customers. Below, you can learn more about our service process.

Product Quotation

Once we receive your product requirements and specifications, we will develop a proposal for a quote and make adjustments to meet your needs. A response is usually given within 12 hours of submitting your inquiry.

Once you have confirmed the price, we will begin making samples for you.

Sample Making Process

WorkflowResponsible unitWork content
1, Receive sample requestSalesConfirmation of information such as sample type, quantity, delivery date and special precautions.
2, Check the sample informationSales and engineersVerify the information related to drawings, BOM and physical samples.
3, Sample requestSalesFill out the “Sample Request Form”, enter the information related to the sample order in the system, and at the same time, notify engineering, purchasing and PMC in writing or by e-mail, in order to track the related matters.
4, Produce and distribute sample technical dataEngineeringProduce and issue drawings, BOM sheets and related technical data.
5, Preparation of sample materials, molds and fixturesEngineering and PurchasingPrepare materials, molds and fixtures for samples.
6, Arranging sample production schedulePMCArranging sample production plan scheduling, plan scheduling to the sample production staff, at the same time should be CC to the business, engineering, purchasing and production, to facilitate the tracking of related matters.
7, Sample productionSample production personnelAfter receiving the sample production plan, we will make the samples according to the sample demand list, drawing, BOM table and physical samples, etc., and fill in the “Sample Production Record Sheet” truthfully.
8, Sample InspectionQualityInspection of samples according to customer’s request and company’s quality requirements.
9, DocumentationSample production personnelSummarize the process of sample production, notify the relevant personnel of the problems that need to be improved, and organize and file the relevant information. Specialized samples should also convene a meeting to summarize the samples.
10, Sample shipmentSalesGive the samples to the customers and track the feedback.

After you receive the samples and confirm they are correct, we will carry out trial production according to the quantity of your first trial production order.

Trial production flow chart

Trial production flow chart
Trial production flow chart

The product will enter the mass production stage when the trial production is OK.

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