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Leading in Automotive Wiring Harnesses and Cable assemblies

Automotive cablesCustom wiring harnesses and cable assembly used in the automotive industry must withstand the harsh conditions of car engines and operating systems. To ensure the proper functioning of automotive electrical components, car wires require sheathing, waterproof sealing connectors, and battery cable crimps.

Romtronic: Expert in Automotive Wiring Harnesses

Romtronic is a leading manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses, capable of manufacturing harnesses according to your specific needs and requirements. With our knowledge and skills in the transportation industry, we are one of the most reliable companies to meet all your wire harness needs.

Challenges and Solutions in the Automotive Industry

The automotive and transportation industry poses a series of challenges to electronic products, including the need to withstand high levels of motion and heat, as well as the requirement for long-term reliability. Romtronic’s robust automotive manufacturing and testing processes, developed through years of collaboration with TS 16949-certified suppliers, demonstrate our ability to produce various products at this level.

Experts in Providing Technical Solutions for the Automotive Industry

For over 20 years, Romtronic has been providing technical solutions for the automotive industry. Romtronic manufactures high-quality harnesses to meet the stringent demands of the automotive industry.

Key Elements of Custom Wiring and Harness Components

Some applications in the automotive industry use battery cables instead of circuit board wiring, requiring 6 or 8-gauge single conductors. These custom harnesses also require waterproof sealing connectors, such as Delphi, TE Connectivity, or Molex connectors, as well as weatherproof sleeves to protect wiring from moisture.

Custom Automotive Harness Solutions for Customers

All custom harnesses in wiring and harness components undergo 100% testing. Every automotive harness undergoes quality testing to ensure reliability and compliance with industry standards. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and build harnesses that meet your specifications.

Diverse Applications of Wiring Harnesses and Cable Components in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, wiring harnesses and cable components play a crucial role. They connect various systems, including engine systems, vehicle electrical systems, cabin interior systems, safety systems, entertainment and communication systems, and drive systems. These components support the proper functioning of various vehicle functions and systems.

Romtronic’s Commitment and Quality Assurance

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative products ensures the reliability and performance of automotive wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. We offer various standard and custom products, ensuring that all products undergo rigorous testing. For more information about our custom automotive wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, please contact us.

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