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Custom HDMI Cable

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital video/audio interface technology developed by Panasonic, Hitachi, and Sony as a dedicated digital interface for video transmission.HDMI eliminates the need for analogue-to-digital or analogue-to-digital conversion before signal transmission, and it can be used in conjunction with Wideband Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted audio and video content.

We are a 27-year-old Chinese wire harness and cable assembly manufacturer, custom HDMI cables are one of our main strengths, and we have established long-term relationships with many of the largest audio project manufacturers.

Our customized HDMI cables
Our customized HDMI cables

Our customised HDMI cable assemblies

Advantages of our customized HDMI cables

  1. Customized high-end complex HDMI cable assemblies are available.
  2. Accept small-batch production orders with affordable prices.
  3. Fast delivery, all processes (e.g. soldering, over moulding, and performance testing) are done in-house, usually within 10-15 business days.
  4. We are UL, CE & USB4 TID certified and offer a variety of connector configurations, cable types, and jacket material colour options to meet any special customization requirements.

You may want to know more about HDMI cables

There are five main types of HDMI ports: Type A, B, C (MINI), D(MICRO), and E.

HDMI Types
HDMI Types

HDMI Type Specification Sheet

Type ADual Row 19pin4.45 mm×13.9 mmTVs, computers, set-top boxes, etc.
Type BDouble row 29pin4.45 mm×21.2 mmNowadays, it is only used in some professional occasions
Type CSingle row 19pin2.42 mm×10.42 mmNotebook, DV, digital camera, portable multimedia player, etc.
Type DSingle 19pin2.8 mm×6.4 mmMobile phones, cameras, MP4, etc.
Type EAudio and video transmission for in-car entertainment systems
NO.Parameter MeasuredRecommended Test ConditionsRecommended Specification, Category1 (74.25MHz)Recommended Specification, Category2 (>74.25MHz)
Up to 340MHz
1Differential ImpedanceTDR Measurement 200ps Differential Risetime for 1~2.5ns100W±10% (cable)
100W±15% (assembly)
100W±15% (A-CONN.)
100W±25% (C-CONN.)
100W±10% (cable)
100W±15% (assembly)
100W±15% (A-CONN.)
100W±25% (C-CONN.)
2Differential DelayTDR/TDT Measurement 200ps Differential Risetime4.5ns/m (cable)
5.05ns/m (assembly)
4.5ns/m (cable)
5.05ns/m (assembly)
3Inter-Pair SkewTDR/TDT Measurement 200ps Differential Risetime0.4 Tpixel (assembly)0.4 Tpixell (assembly)
4Intra-Pair SkewTDR/TDT Measurement 200ps Differential Risetime0.25 Tbitt (assembly)0.25 Tbitt (assembly)
5Far-end CrosstalkNA S21 Measurement 1601 points-20dB/max@ 1~5000MHz-20/max@ 1~5100MHz
6Attenuation/ Insertion LossNA S21 Measurement 1601 points-8 dB/max@1~825MHz
-21 dB/max@825~2475MHz
-30 dB/max@2475~4125MHz
-5 dB/max@1~825MHz
<-5...--12 dB/max@825~2475MHz
<-12...-20 dB/max@2475~4125MHz
<-20...-25 dB/max@4125~5100MHz

1, Ultra HD

No need to compress to maintain the best transmission quality, such as 4K (Ultra HD), 5K, 8K and another video transmission.

2, Simplify the connection

Simplify the connection between the device, and an HDMI cable to transmit audio and video signals at the same time.

3, Fast update

HDMI standards are updated quickly, the latest HDMI2.1 standard has been supported to 8K ~ 10K.

4, Content Protection

HDMI is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), HDCP is a system used to protect digital content from unauthorized copying.

5, Backwards compatible

It is backwards compatible with the DVI interface, DVI enables the PC to send high-definition content to the display device.

6, Highly Intelligent

HDMI supports bi-directional communication between a video source (e.g., a DVD player) and a DTV, enabling new features such as auto-configuration and one-touch playback.

7, Widely Used

It has become one of the most commonly used interface types in consumer electronic devices, with almost all new digital TVs, laptops, tablets, and many other smart devices having HDMI interfaces.

1, Expensive

Compared with analogue cables, they are expensive.

2, Signal attenuation

Long-distance transmission may have signal attenuation.

3, Black screen

Sometimes the black screen may be caused by delayed authentication or a screen flashing error.

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