Exploring Wire Harness Corrugate Tube Materials and Applications

Wire Harness Corrugate Tube
Wire Harness Corrugate Tube

In many industrial and application sectors, wire harness corrugate tubes are pivotal. These tubes serve not only to safeguard electrical wires and cables but also to provide mechanical protection and flexibility, enabling their functionality across diverse environments. This article will explore the materials, characteristics, and applications of wire harness corrugate tubes.

Materials and Characteristics

Commonly found wire harness corrugate tubes in the market are typically extruded from materials such as PE (polyethene), PP (polypropylene), and PA (polyamide). These materials boast excellent flexibility, high-temperature resistance, acid-alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance, rendering them suitable for safeguarding electrical wires and cables in various environments. Here are the primary characteristics of each material:

  • PE Corrugate Tube:
    • Features excellent flexibility and chemical corrosion resistance, operating steadily within a temperature range of -30°F to +100°F.
    • Mainly utilized in environments with lower temperature requirements, such as household appliances and mechanical equipment.
  • PP Corrugated Tube:
    • Exhibits good resistance to high temperatures, remaining stable within a temperature range of -20°F to +120°F.
    • Applicable in motor vehicles like cars, and motorcycles, as well as household appliances, and precision machine tools.
  • PA Corrugate Tube:
    • Possesses the strongest temperature resistance, operating steadily within a temperature range of -34°F to +150°F.
    • Apart from conventional motor vehicles and household appliances, it is widely employed in specialized fields like marine engineering, with excellent resistance to chemical agents and grease.


Wire harness corrugate tubes find extensive applications across various industries and domains, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive Industry:
    • Utilized as sheathing for electrical wire harnesses in motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, providing protection and mechanical support.
  • Industrial Machinery Engineering:
    • Employed in precision machine tools, industrial equipment, and other sectors to safeguard electrical wire harnesses from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion.
  • Aerospace Industry:
    • Required to exhibit high-temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance in fields like aircraft and spacecraft to ensure the safe operation of electrical wire harnesses in extreme environments.
  • Medical Technology:
    • Used to protect electrical wire harnesses in medical equipment, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of devices.

In addition to the primary fields mentioned above, wire harness corrugate tubes are also extensively applied in construction engineering, marine engineering, and power and communication sectors, providing protection and support for various electrical wires and cables.


As protective devices for electrical wires and cables, wire harness corrugate tubes play crucial roles in industrial and application domains. Tubes made from different materials possess distinct characteristics and application scopes, allowing users to select suitable products based on their specific requirements. With ongoing technological advancements and the expansion of application fields, wire harness corrugate tubes will continue to play significant roles in providing reliable protection and support for various electrical equipment and projects.