How long is a HDMI cable?

HDMI cables are commonly used connectors in our everyday entertainment such as: connecting game consoles, home theaters, and digital signage. But as we see more and more wall-mounted video walls appearing, the distance between the signal source and the display increases to a considerable length. But is there a limit to the length of HDMI cables? In this article, we’ll discuss HDMI lengths and solutions.


What distance does an HDMI cable support?

The transmission distance of HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables is affected by a variety of factors, including the quality of the cable, the frequency of signal transmission, and the quality of the device. In general, HDMI cables have an upper limit of 50 feet. For transmission distances longer than 50 feet, some signal enhancement measures are required to ensure high-definition picture quality.

Here are some common solutions:

1, Use signal booster: A signal booster is a professional signal amplification device, that can amplify the weak signal to a strength to meet the transmission requirements.

2, Use high-quality HDMI cable: high-quality HDMI cable can improve the quality of signal transmission, which is suitable for some ultra-long distance transmission.

3, Use HDMI to dual fibre optic converter: The converter can convert HDMI signal to fibre optic signal, and then convert the signal transmitted by the fibre optic cable to HDMI signal, which can extend the transmission distance to more than 100M (Approx. 330ft or more).

It should be noted that, although the above methods can be taken to extend the transmission distance of HDMI signals, in practice, trying not to exceed 80 feet, while using the same brand and model of equipment can reduce the probability of failure.


The maximum support distance of an HDMI cable is 50 feet, if you need to extend the length of an HDMI cable, you can use devices such as an HDMI signal amplifier, HDMI switcher, or HDMI converter. However, it is important to note that you cannot extend the signal distance indefinitely with these devices, as they will also have an impact on the signal quality. It is best to choose the right device for the situation and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

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